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Purvodaya, the annual B-school fest of Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur is an amalgamation of events spread across all the domains of business and management. Spread across 3 days, it provides an ideal platform for the budding managers and innovators of today to hone their skills and test their mettle against their peers. The event hosts a complete business extravaganza.
We create an environment wherein students from all over India aspire to learn the business jargons and win the competitions. It aims to bring together management students from various B-schools of the country to a common platform where each participant presents his/her business acumen to be the best and win the competitions.
A coalescence of corporate tycoons, industry experts, technocrats and best business minds from all over India bring their vast knowledge share to the table The Speakers are creative market leaders, who share their insights at the leadership summit. Meeting the experts unlocks the secrets of commercial success. Together, they change how we think about business.
Purvodaya is the place to learn, share and develop new ways of thinking. It is a festival of ideas, innovation, challenge and creativity, a place where future businessmen and corporate leaders of different backgrounds come to grow.
Purvodaya concludes on an ecstatic note with a fun-filled cultural night thereby adding colors to the mundane MBA life.

Purvodaya 2023 – Prism of Possibilities

“If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

- Thomas A. Edison

The pandemic significantly changed the business climate throughout the world, leading to business shutdown, customer losses, and employee layoffs. At the same time, several companies developed innovative strategies for coping with the circumstances, continuing to operate, and even expanding during the unpredictable times. These businesses proved to be role models for the rest of the world in terms of turning a challenge into a possibility.
In this post pandemic era, Purvodaya, the annual B-School fest of Vinod Gupta School of Management, in our theme, "The Prism of Possibilities" seeks to help the emerging managers restructure their perspective when exposed to the VUCA World and urges them to view the world through a lens of untapped potential and possibilities for innovation and advancement. Through adaptability, flexibility, and robustness these bright minds decipher the labyrinth of contemporary business challenges and emerge victoriously. We strive to continue the magic and the ethos that has made past editions events to remember, by making sure that Purvodaya is where ideas get sparked, innovations thrive, and creativity blooms.

Purvodaya Stats


More than 18 events spread over 3 days


Purvodaya '21 saw a staggering number of registrations of over 6000 students from across the country

10+ Lakhs

Over 10 lakhs worth prizes to be won


Over 10000 followers on Social Media Platforms


Over 330 participating colleges spread across the country


Purvodaya '21 saw over 30 sponsors


Srijan - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Cell

Srijan is a business plan competition that will enable you to take your ideas to the next level. The viability of your ideas shall be judged, mentors will guide you to improve upon your business plans and you will have a chance to showcase your ideas and B-plans in front of angel investors and venture capitalists.

Vichaar - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Cell

Vichaar provides a unique opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to apply their strategic skills in solving real-time business problems faced by various Startups

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